Soirees at Marshall-LeKAE Gallery

Music and Art- Fridays, 7pm

Admission: $20
For tickets: (480) 970- 3111
wine and cheese reception

The gallery gives the audience a unique, intimate concert experience. Concertgoers can enjoy a lovely social evening, meet the performers and view the beautiful artwork.

2013-2014 Season:
September 27 Phoenix String Quartet and pianist Lynne Haeseler
October 25 Oktoberfest-members of Phoenix Opera
November 15 Arias, Architecture and SoleriĀ  w/Jeff Stein and Jayne Cassleman
January 10 Mozart and More -harpists Adrienne Bridgewater, Jacqui Musselman
January 31 All Schubert Birthday Party- Art Songs, Chamber Music and Piano
February 28 Madness and Creativity-Visions, Hallucinations and Music
March 7 Art Songs and the French Poets – soprano Jayne Casselman
April 4 Goethe’s Dynamic Vision in Science and Art with Dr. Mark Riegner

Artistic Director: Lynne Haeseler
Gallery Coordinator: Janet Priset Sandino

Marshall-LeKAE Fine Art Gallery 7106 East Main St. Scottsdale, AZ


Soiree 2013-2014 flyer pdf